Free yourself from the rising electricity costs

At Sunson Energy, it is our mission to bring solar energy to every community. We are guided by our responsibility to empower our customers, our community, and our planet.


Join 2000+ homeowners and industries who save anywhere from ₹10,000 to upto ₹5,00,000 every month on their electricity bills with their zero-emission solar power plants.

How can Solar help me?


Produce your own power

With rapid technological evolution, we now have control over our transportation and our lifestyle needs. In keeping with that spirit, solar also gives you ownership over the power you consume.


No more high bills

Your solar plant cuts down your electricity bill by up to 85% and pays for itself within 4 years. You also get ROI of 25-30% on your investment, far better than FDs.


Join a solar community

Join like-minded people from your neighborhood and become a part of the solar revolution. Together we take on the toughest challenge to protect our planet against climate change.

Why Sunson?

Because of our customer-first approach to provide clean power like never before.

Premium solar plant

We aim to raise the quality of your solar plant through power optimizers and micro-inverters that bring out the best from every panel.

Partnered with the best

We have partnered with world’s best solar panels and inverter manufacturers to get you more electricity units along with longest warranties.

Affordable Pricing

Want to buy a system upfront or through EMIs? Great! We offer easy financing options through our partners that cater to your needs.

Your Roof, Your Terms

Don't fret about quality or safety, our experienced engineers will take care of everything.

net metering

How do I solar power my home?

Everyday, we work towards making the whole process super easy for you. We take care of everything. We make sure your solar transition process is completed in 3-4 weeks.


We Visit

Our site technician will visit your home to design the best solution for your roof.


We Apply

We will submit your application to the electricity department to get the net-meter connection.


We install

Once we receive the permit, we’ll set a date for installation with our team of experienced installers. That's all, your house is solar-powered.



Your home is now solar-energized! This means that we can now flip the switch and generate clean energy.


Client Reviews

Trusted by over 2,000+ Pro-sumers

"My electricity bill savings for the year 2021 were Rs. 65,732/-. I plan to buy an EV this year and that is why I have decided to expand my solar plant from 6kw to 11kw. I documented my entire solar journey on my blog

. "

Rohit Yadav

Sunson’s straight forward approach and elaboration on product helped me make a quick decision. The service process is really fast and flexible. Personal experience of talking to a person instead of an IVR works well for me. Talking about Enphase, there are various reasons of choosing it, first and foremost is latest technology. It is a really efficient product in comparison to other available options. It is safer as compared to inverters which come with long wires carrying high voltage. Product from Enphase and service from Sunson Energy made my solar journey very smooth. I am really happy after going solar. I recommend people should go solar to save money and environment. Cheers!!

Sanjeev Jain
Sector 14,Faridabad

Our Pricing

Be energy independent in 2021
Easy Purchase
20% ROI
System ownership
Upfront payment
Full System Cost
Monthly payment
Rate hike protection
Short term lease
18% ROI
System ownership
Upfront payment
Monthly payment
To loan providers
Rate hike protection
Long term lease
12% ROI
System ownership
Upfront payment
> 7%
Monthly payment
To loan providers
Rate hike protection
We promise 100% price honesty. No hidden charges.

Still not sure?

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Sunson Energy is a residential solar installation company with projects all over Delhi NCR. We bring solar to your home. Get a quote today.

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