14 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Rohit Grover

Rohit Grover

Senior Marketing Specialist

14 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

One way of being energy efficient is stopping the wastage of energy. You can become energy efficient by adopting minor changes in your lifestyle.

1. Seal and insulate your home

2. Cook smart:

3. Install energy-efficient appliances

4. Change your light bulbs

5. Don't leave your electronics on

6. Keep your refrigerators full.

7. Set your refrigerator temperature

8. Replace your windows

9. Don't leave a phone on charging for the entire night

10. Turn off the oven

11. Dress for the weather.

12. Turn off the tap

13. Install Solar Panels

14. Stop using Desktop Computer

Seal and insulate your Home:

This trick works well irrespective of the weather. In summers, you don’t want the heat to enter inside and in winter you don’t want the cold to enter inside your home. Insulating your home is a good way to be energy efficient.

Cook Smart:

Using a microwave instead of a gas burner when you can save energy by reducing the heat coming from the burner. Running a microwave takes less energy than an air conditioner.

Use energy-efficient appliances:

Using a high star rating not only saves money but is also good for the environment. A 3-star AC consumes less energy than a 2-star AC.

Replace your bulbs:

12 watts LED gives better light than a 60 watts bulb. Bulbs are outdated, not only in style. LED gives cooler white light and takes 1/5th of energy than a bulb (in this case).

Don’t leave your electricity on:

It is a no brainer. Switching something when not in use is the first thing you should do. It is the first step to be energy efficient.

Keep your refrigerators full:

Refrigerators work more efficiently when they are full. These appliances run with full capacity when full although over-stuffing make them work harder.

Set your refrigerator temperature:

Refrigerators should be run at an optimum temperature considering the need and weather. Running at the highest temperature only leads to energy wastage.

Use dark windows:

Lighter windows let energy escape out of your homes. Use tinted windows as they act as a shield between inside and outside.

Don't leave the phone on charging for the entire night:

It takes only a few hours to charge a mobile. Leaving the mobile phone on charging for the entire night only leads to energy wastage.

Turn off the oven:

Using an oven to cook your food. Turn off the oven when food is about to get cooked. The oven will not use the electricity to cook the almost ready food, it is already very hot to finish cooking.

Dress for the weather:

Even if it's summer or weather, dressing for the weather makes perfect sense. You will need less AC or heater if you are dressed appropriately, hence saving energy.

Turn off the tap:

The unnecessary water wastage should be stopped immediately. The scarcity of water is a separate issue altogether. The energy spent on bringing the water to you can be saved too.

Install solar panels:

Solar Panels have many benefits. They generate electricity for you, save you money & promote the use of renewable energy sources.

Stop using Desktop Computer:

Desktop computers use 80% more electricity than laptops. Using laptops makes more sense as they are portable and energy-efficient.

Apart from the ways mentioned above, let us know more ways to make houses more energy-efficient. We will share with our readers.

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Rohit Grover

Rohit Grover

Senior Marketing Specialist

Rohit Grover is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Sunson Energy. He takes great pride in writing easy to understand content for everyone. He is a renewable energy enthusiast who has a keen interest in environmental protection.

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