6 Major Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Rohit Grover

Rohit Grover

Senior Marketing Specialist

environmental benefits of solar energy

The amount of Solar energy striking the earth's surface is 10,000 times the world's total energy use. This energy is clean and free. Imagine the benefits this clean energy has on the environment.

Here are six major environmental benefits of Solar Energy:

  1. Less air pollution

  2. Reduces the consumption of non-renewable sources

  3. Low Water Consumption

  4. Improves Health

  5. Reduction in carbon footprint

  6. Positive impact on climate

Less air pollution

An insane amount of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, methane etc are produced while generating electricity through non-renewable energy sources like coal. These gases cause extreme air pollution, which then leads to asthma, bronchitis, lung problems, allergies, etc. With solar energy, there is no harmful emission. Solar energy is a clean source of energy and doesn't cause any pollution.

Reduces the consumption of non-renewable sources

Non- renewable sources like coal, oil and gas are extensively used as our source of energy. These resources are limited in supply and cannot be used continuously. In fact, India is facing a massive coal shortage these days. According to a report, only 4 days worth of coal is left in the reserves right now. These fossil fuels also cause pollution. It gives us two reasons to quit consuming them for our energy needs. Solar energy is one resource that is abundant and non-polluting. It can be a stable and sustainable solution to our energy woes.

Low Water Consumption

When you use solar energy for your power generation, you are using only the sun as a source of energy. The energy from the sun doesn't need water to produce electricity. Every other source needs water in one form or the other. Water, which is already a scarce resource, can also be saved if you switch to solar energy.

Improves Health

Renewable energy sources are clean and non-polluting, unlike non-renewable energy sources. These sources not only deteriorate health but can also reduce life expectancy. A report suggests that staying in Delhi can reduce the age by up to 10 years. You can imagine the effect pollution can have on your health. If we will switch to renewable energy sources, we will not only improve our health but the health of others too. Switching to renewable energy is a decision that everyone should take immediately.

Reduction in carbon footprint

The amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere by human activity is accounted as "Carbon footprint". Switching to clean energy reduces the amount of carbon release, thus shrinking the carbon footprint. You must have heard about companies going carbon neutral or reducing their carbon footprint. A company becomes carbon neutral when its activities do not release any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Similarly, you can also go carbon neutral by using renewable energy like Solar energy. To put things in perspective, 1 MWH of electricity offsets approximately 1 ton of CO2 in the atmosphere. Now you can calculate the amount of CO2 you are releasing into the atmosphere every year just by looking at your electricity bills.

Positive impact on climate

Climate change is a very serious issue. The scientists are working hard to slow down this change which is rapidly happening. Climate change has a very drastic change on the environment. The melting glaciers, floods all over the world, forest fires etc. all are happening because of climate change. It is very important to do whatever we can to stop it. Using a source of energy that does not exploit nature or cause any air pollution has a positive impact on the climate. If everyone will switch to mediums that are not harsh on the environment, we will definitely slow down this climatic deterioration.

Solar Energy and its benefits to the environment cannot be ignored. It needs to be adopted by every single person right away to slow down climate change and stop further damage. We as a renewable energy company would like to request to spread the message and urge everyone to adopt solar energy.

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Rohit Grover

Rohit Grover

Senior Marketing Specialist

Rohit Grover is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Sunson Energy. He takes great pride in writing easy to understand content for everyone. He is a renewable energy enthusiast who has a keen interest in environmental protection.

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