How solar power is the answer to the power crisis in India?

Tania Tahseen

Tania Tahseen

Solar Performance Specialist

Solar power is the answer to power crisis.

India is facing one of the biggest power crises in its history. The country has recently seen a huge surge in its power demand, with its peak power and peak demand crossing the 200GW mark. Due to a sudden surge in power demand, there have been frequent and long duration power cuts throughout India. However, there are concerns that this might not be enough and an even more severe power shortage can be expected in the coming months.

Many industries and households are losing power for extended periods. This is brought on by increased demand for electricity and significant disruption in supply from conventional means.

The reasons behind frequent power cuts are:-

  • Out of 173 thermal power plants, 85 plants fired by domestic coal have less than 25% stock, while 11 plants running on imported coal have critically low coal stock levels.
  • Demand for power has skyrocketed due to major heat waves across India.
  • Because of economic recovery following COVID-19 surges, power demand is hitting high records.
  • Because of high international coal prices, some coal-based plants are not in production.
  • Railways could not transport enough coal to thermal power plants to meet current demand and build up stock.

Increasing coal and oil prices threaten to increase the unit cost of electricity. This will automatically discourage the homeowners from using excess electricity. The entire summer will be a test since the temperatures are rising rapidly and staying without electricity is impossible.

Governments have made efforts to stabilize the power crisis by turning to imported coal. The government has asked all the states and Independent Power Producers to increase the use of imported coal to blend up to 10%. Minister of power Mr R K Singh has asked all companies to operate their power plants at full capacity to reduce pressure on domestic coal demand.

But it's time to think about replacing our traditional coal-based plants with solar-powered ones.

The recent wave of electricity outages and rising energy prices have prompted a wave of interest in renewable energy solutions. Solar is exploding in popularity as a smart and affordable alternative to traditional sources of power generation. Due to its ability to generate power on-site via simple capital investment and with no pollution.

Solar is one solution that can generate power from renewable sources and make the country self-sufficient in its requirements. If a solar grid is constructed with a mix of renewable and traditional sources, it could supply the power needs of about 1 billion people in India.

Solar energy has increasingly become a good choice for Indian businesses and homeowners because it can provide reliable, high-quality electricity at or below the current rates. For example, many businesses and homeowners in India have been able to reduce their electricity costs by installing rooftop solar systems in their facilities. Large solar plants owned by homeowners and businesses were able to export significant amounts of electricity to the grid. As a result, the grid experienced less load.

Advantages of solar energy over conventional sources of energy:

  1. Solar energy is cheaper than coal. Many companies are moving towards solar energy because they can get power at much lower prices with solar than they would with coal.
  2. Solar energy is renewable. It comes from the sun, and we will always have the sun. Coal comes from a limited resource that will eventually run out.
  3. Solar energy is better for the environment: it does not require mining, does not create harmful emissions or waste, and does not hurt the surrounding ecosystems like the coal mining process can do.
  4. Solar energy is environmentally friendly: unlike coal and nuclear power generation, it does not produce carbon dioxide emissions and other air pollutants that have a negative impact on human health and on climate. Solar has very less environmental impact over its life cycle compared to other forms of electricity generation such as fossil fuels which release greenhouse gasses when burned for power generation.
  5. People often assume solar panels cannot be used in cloudy weather. However, this technology still works even when sky is covered with clouds because light reflects off clouds onto panels below their surface area, making them highly efficient regardless of the weather.
  6. You can also store the energy produced from solar panels and use it at night. This will make you independent of grid supply.

Solar is the solution to the power crisis. It is not just a luxury, but a necessity for every household. In this situation of power crisis and rising electricity costs, now is the time to invest in solar energy. Solar energy is limitless and abundant. We can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce our impact on climate change by harnessing this clean, renewable source of energy.

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Tania Tahseen

Tania Tahseen

Solar Performance Specialist

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