Investment against inflation over the long run.

Priya Kukrety

Priya Kukrety

Digital Marketer

Switch to solar for long term investment

What is inflation? The gradual rise in prices of goods and services throughout the economy is known as inflation. Inflation has been averaging approximately 2% annually in previous years, but in 2022 it will explode with price increases of nearly 8%. Gasoline prices are rising, food costs are rising and wages are falling behind.

When you compare the 2015-2016 year's data with the current year, you can easily understand the difference. Let's understand that with charts.

For comparison, we had food, milk, an LPG cylinder, crude oil, cereals, vegetables, and salt. You can see that the price for 1 kg of rice in 2021 is Rs. 36.15 and in 2022 the price for the same kg of rice is Rs. 38.4. For 1 kg of milk customer is paying Rs. 49.95 in 2021 and 2022 Rs. 55.41 and so on. With these charts, you can easily understand that there is a good rise in the prices of all essential products.

Furthermore, electricity is the household issue that rational families are most worried about. We all pay hundreds of rupees each month on our electricity bills because it is one of the fundamental needs of any home. Therefore, how do you regain control of your wallet? Solar energy is the solution.

Solar power is a fantastic shield against higher inflation. Now let's talk about why solar power is the best source of investment.

1. Renewable Energy -

The most important point is that solar energy is renewable and never exhausts. This is a clean, green source of energy.

2. Reduce electricity bills-

Rational households have to bear high electricity bills at the end of each month. Installation of solar panels will permit you to lower your electricity bills and increase your saving.

3. Independence from centralized power grids -

Once you install a solar panel system, your reliance on centralized private or government electrical networks is reduced. Now, you are the owner of the electricity generation. It is the safest and most sustainable option in the long term.

4. No Carbon Footprint-

We all know that the majority of electricity is produced by oil, coal, and oil, which releases carbon, which is disastrous to the environment. When you choose solar panels, you invest in green, renewable energy that makes a difference to the environment. Solar panels do not emit carbon emissions.

5. Solar energy does not take much maintenance-

Simply keep it clean, then cleaning the solar panels once a month is sufficient. Solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years or longer.

Shortly, electricity prices may rise rapidly as inflation rises and global events cause market uncertainty. Price increases have already been seen over the past six months. Solar is a way to protect yourself from inflation if you want to keep up with the times. I hope you understood why investing in solar is a better option. For more information, please contact us at 9289027500.

Priya Kukrety

Priya Kukrety

Digital Marketer

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