Residential Solar Case Study : Mr Varun,11kW

Rohit Grover

Rohit Grover

Senior Marketing Specialist

residential solar case study

Residential Solar Case Study:

  • Project: Residential Rooftop
  • Project Type: On-Grid Solar
  • Customer: Mr Varun Kaushal
  • Finance: Self Financed
  • Location: Gurugram
  • Electricity Bill before adopting solar: INR 20,000
  • Electricity Bill after adopting solar: INR 298

In the tier-1 and tier-2 cities, in the summers, power consumption rises. One of the biggest reasons is that now summers last longer than before and the temperature goes above 45+ degrees.

When the temperature is more than 45 degrees, it's hard to survive. So naturally, people use the air-conditioners. Though air conditioners do provide relief from the summer, they consume a lot of electricity, which is further reflected in the monthly electricity bill.

Seeing a 20K bill in tier-1 cities is very normal but just imagine, this 20K bill lasts for at least 8 months. This means in 1 year the consumer has to pay around INR 1,60,000. In 20 years this electricity bill will become some around INR 32,00,000.

This is an enormous amount. The reason we are taking 20 years into account is that your solar solution will give you electricity for 20 years.

Solar components used:

The Solar panel used in the solar installation: 24 units of 460 Watts by Jinko Solar.

Inverters used in the solar solution: IQ7 Micro-inverters by Enphase

Challenges post the solar installation:

After the installation, we monitor the system for its efficiency. As we used the micro-inverters, it became very easy to monitor the power generation process of each solar panel individually.

After a few days, we found that one of the panels was not generating power properly. It was generating electricity less than the average.

We sent an engineer to check for any faults and on his inspection; he found that someone has put a piece of cloth on the panel and because of that solar panel could not generate the power.

If we wouldn't have used the microinverters, it wouldn't have been possible to track and resolve the issue. Ultimately leading to damage of solar panels.

Why micro-inverters?

Each solar panel is connected to a micro-inverter separately. All the solar energy from each panel is converted to AC and sent to the meter box through a shared line. This procedure ensures that no high voltage DC passes through the system.

In the case of mini solar inverters, however, it is typically about 98% or more. And it's easy to see why: it's essentially a one-panel, one-inverter system. In other words, if you have 15 solar panels, you'll need 15 micro-inverters. Each solar panel has its own solar inverter.

As a result, if one inverter or even one solar panel fails, it will not influence the overall power generation. Because each solar panel is equipped with a solar inverter, the conversion is maximized at the panel level.

In case of string inverters, if the inverter fails, the entire power generation is affected.

Any shadow effect or dust on the solar panel that prevents sunlight from reaching the inverter has impact on the entire string. This means that the entire power-producing system will be affected. However, in case of mini solar inverters, any difficulties will solely affect the power generation from that device.

What does our client have to say?

Going ahead with solar energy was the best decision I made, along with choosing Sunson Energy. Sunson Energy has been more like a family rather than just any other solar installer. The consultation process of Sunson Energy was very amazing. They made sure I can understand solar energy, and they also helped me choose the right solar solution.

All the products were delivered on time. I am extremely happy and satisfied.

I saw a very drastic decline in my electricity bill after adopting solar energy. My original bill used to be around Rs. 22,000/month, but after adopting solar, it came down to zero.

Rohit Grover

Rohit Grover

Senior Marketing Specialist

Rohit Grover is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Sunson Energy. He takes great pride in writing easy to understand content for everyone. He is a renewable energy enthusiast who has a keen interest in environmental protection.

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