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Tania Tahseen

Tania Tahseen

Solar Performance Specialist

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Diwali Special Sale-Sunson Energy

The month of festivals is an exciting time of the year. From decorating the houses to investing in materialistic stuff. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the season. You may enjoy these holiday traditions during the festive season, but they don't exactly help your electricity bill. You aren’t gonna get a break from your electricity bill. It's easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit, but a few simple changes can help you enjoy unexpected savings.

There's nothing more exciting than the holidays, especially when you have a large number of guests to welcome. Be prepared to pay a large electricity bill as well. We saw a sudden increase in electricity consumption last year during this time of year because families and relatives gathered to celebrate. As a result, the Delhi region suffered from a power crisis. On October 9, 2021 the Print newspaper published a news article stating the Delhi Power crisis: Blackout warning for city as only ‘one day’ coal stock left. Wondering what will happen this time?

Stop worrying! We have super cool tips for you that will help you to prepare for an energy efficient Festive season.

Use Solar Powered LED string Lights

We all know that Diwali is a festival of light. And as Indians it is mandatory tradition for us to light up our house with colorful lights and earthen lamps. We all gaze with amazement at that one house in our society. The one that bursts with chatter and can be seen from far away during the festive season due to its incredible display. It's often the one that inspires everyone else to get into the holiday spirit. It is true that those lights are magical, but they can also be quite energy-consuming.

As the decorative lights are a must at our home during festive season, it is a wise idea to invest in a more efficient version. Solar LED lights run with the natural solar energy that gets stored during the day light. It consumes no electricity from the grid and can work up to 12 hours when fully charged.

Use Solar Water heaters

We are pretty much aware of the fact that this festive season is followed by months of cold breeze and chilly winters. Especially if you are residing in Delhi NCR your body must have been immune to chilled cold waves. It’s impossible to use cold water for our daily tasks in this season and using a geyser which gives hot water is a must. But we all know that an electric geyser of 15 L consumes 2000W of electricity. Well, it’s quite high consumption leading to an add-on in your electricity bill.

One of the best ways to reduce your electricity consumption during winter is to use solar water heaters. A traditional solar water heater can save upto 1000 units of electricity every year. The sun's natural light heats water in solar water heaters. It is designed to provide hot water without using expensive electricity by using the thermosiphon principle(a method of passive heat exchange, based on natural convection, which circulates a fluid without the necessity of a mechanical pump). In addition to saving energy and being environmentally friendly, this is the most efficient way to generate hot water.

Power up your Home with Solar Energy

This is our favorite tip that we give to each and every one, install a solar plant at your home and forget the high electricity bills. A solar installation can generate more power than you can use in a day due to the ability of solar panels to capture sun energy. Therefore, solar power generates highly efficient electricity. Better yet, Sunson Energy uses high quality solar modules and inverters* that can run over a 25-year period. Moreover, the experienced design and installation team provides you with the most efficient and good looking solar installation at your rooftop. In this way, homeowners are able to generate more energy with less space, allowing them to save money on their electric bills.

Now that the festive season has officially begun, any savings are welcome. It is important to note, however, that solar energy can save you money throughout the year, not just during festive months.

[*Inverter warranty depends on the type of inverter that we have installed. For string inverters, the warranty varies from 7-12 years and can be extended depending on the inverter company. For Enphase micro inverters, the warranty is of 15 years and can be extended till 25 years.]

It is not only peace of mind that solar power provides, but it also allows you to save money. Across India, electricity rates are rising, so generating clean, free energy on your own roof can lower your electricity bills and reduce your dependency on expensive grid power. Sunson Energy not only takes care of their clients installation but also they take care of all the hassle associated before installation. This includes all the paperwork and finding the right financial solutions. Exploring the advantages of solar by scheduling a free online consultation will be one of the most stress-free things you do this festive season. Schedule a call with us today, to get a free solar consultation. This Diwali season, we are also offering #DiwaliSaleDeal to all our new customers! You won’t want to miss out on our gifts! Contact us today.

Tania Tahseen

Tania Tahseen

Solar Performance Specialist

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