Which rooftop solar system works best for your home?

Rohit Grover

Rohit Grover

Senior Marketing Specialist

which solar system works best for your home?

The amount of solar energy falling on earth in 24 hours is enough for our needs for 24 years. We can use this abundant energy for all our energy needs. To start with, you can use it to produce electricity for your home. We can help with all the knowledge you need about solar.

Few basic things you should know about rooftop solar. Once you decide to go solar for your home. The first thing which comes to mind is “best solar system for my house” We will help you in that decision as well.

Rooftop solar system comprises 2 major components:

1. Solar Panels

2. Inverters

Solar Panels

There are 3 types of panels.

1. Monocrystalline

Monocrystalline solar panels are made of around 40 monocrystalline solar cells. These cells are made of pure silicon. The cells are shaped like a corner less square. It comes with a maximum wattage of up to 500 watts. Monocrystalline panels work best in residential places with small spaces. Efficiency is more than 20%. Monocrystalline solar panels appear black in presence of sunlight.

2. Polycrystalline

Polycrystalline solar panels are made from pieces of silicon crystals melted together. The silicon is then fragmented and cooled, after that, it is sliced into thin solar wafers. The wafers together form a polycrystalline panel. The cells are shaped like squares. It comes with a maximum wattage of up to 350 watts. Polycrystalline panels work best on residential properties with huge available space. Efficiency is less than 17%. These panels appear blue because of sunlight reflection.

3. Thin film

Thin-film panels are the latest type of solar panel. Thin-film panels are 350 times thinner than silicon panels. These can be blue or black. Thin-film panels work best in industrial settings due to low efficiency. These types of panels can be used where there is large space for panels. Efficiency is around 11%.

Choosing the best panel is the first step in deciding which system to go with. It entirely depends on the purpose and place where the panels will be installed.

Solar Inverters

1. String inverters

String Inverter is the most affordable type of inverter. These inverters are arranged in series with strings of solar panels. One inverter is enough for all panels. An underlying disadvantage with this inverter is the level of efficiency with which it produces electricity in case of panel degradation. Meaning, the panels producing the lowest electricity would be the generation of the entire system. This inverter works fine on areas or roofs with no shadow. Typically, more suitable for larger places with uninterrupted sunlight.

2. String Inverter with Optimizers

Along with what the string inverter has to offer, String Inverter with optimizer offers the combination of string and micro-inverter. It optimizes the electricity generation on each panel. It sends the DC electricity to string inverter where it is converted to AC. This system enables panel-level monitoring also.

3. Microinverters

Micro inverter is generally installed at the back of each panel. These types of inverters are most efficient. They are a bit expensive than the other two as they use the latest technology. They offer panel-level monitoring also. Microinverter converts the DC to AC at the panel itself. They work best for a residential system. These inverters are more efficient than the other two. These can be upgraded in continuation if you want to increase the size of your system.

Depending on your need and your budget. You can choose between the type of solar panels and solar inverter which work best for you. You can get in touch with us for any query related to solar.

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Rohit Grover

Rohit Grover

Senior Marketing Specialist

Rohit Grover is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Sunson Energy. He takes great pride in writing easy to understand content for everyone. He is a renewable energy enthusiast who has a keen interest in environmental protection.

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